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Always very responsive

Working with Real IT Solutions means we can focus on our business and not get bogged down with the computer/software issues. It is like we have a whole computer department but don’t have to pay for having an entire computer department. They are very responsive and take the time to solve any computer/software issue we have. We have had a great experience with Real IT, they have always been very responsive to our computer/software needs.

Donald J. Corey CPA

Understood our Business and Then Made Us Better

I have never been a computer person and I absolutely dread computer problems. Over the past 15 years, I've dealt with several IT/Computer "Professionals" and have never felt these people understood or cared about my business. They did not see the big picture. They put Band-Aids on my problems and charged me for service call after service call. When Real IT came to my company, they not only understood my day to day issues, but they were able to bring my company into the present with computer applications we knew nothing about. These improvements have made our company more streamlined, more responsive to customers, better able to communicate amongst ourselves and therefore, more profitable. At the same time, we were not pressured or even encouraged to spend money beyond our needs. The people at Real IT are simply FANTASTIC. I absolutely recommend this company to ALL businesses, large or small.

Amy Deschaine SNA Sports

As if it were their own

Real IT has been consistently responsive. They have a remarkably effective remote presence but don’t hesitate to come on-site when necessary. They anticipate problems and have designed strategies for us to address them. Bottom line: Real IT really treats the IT aspect of our business with the same level of care and attention as if it were their own. With Real IT just an email or phone call away now we’ve saved many hours of down time and frustration.

Dave Gersten Lead Engineer
Media Technologies

Real IT Solutions Has Offered Peace Of Mind

The single biggest benefit Real IT Solutions has offered us is the peace of mind of having a team of trained IT professionals available for simple IT issues to catastrophic server failures. I know someone is just a phone call or email away and I will get a quick response to get me out of trouble. As technology is ever changing in the IT world, it is great to have a partner who keeps up with the times and is always suggesting improvements and upgrades. I have not had to worry about a single IT issue since we hired Real IT; as the services they offer allow me to focus my attention on other aspects of my job.

Before we partnered with Real IT Solutions, we were using a gentleman to help us with our IT needs, and we had a massive server failure. He was not reactive enough (and truthfully, I wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing). I needed to get our company back up and running as soon as possible. I called Real IT Solutions for the first time and Matt and Adam came out and stayed late into the night to get us up and running. They knew exactly how to tackle the issue and did not leave until it was fixed. I signed our company up with Real IT shortly after. We have not had any major issues since then (almost 8 years now).

Jon Couturier KSB Dubric

Commitment to Customer Service

The single biggest benefit to Automatic Spring Products in having "Real IT" as our partner, is that I do not have to worry about IT Network Security or Network Reliability. They handle the increasing complexity of Network Security and Reliability and allow me to focus on supporting the business in other ways.

Real IT is focused on customer service and it is as if they are part of the ASPC organization. Our employees know them well and feel comfortable approaching them with any issues they have. They also capture metrics to measure performance, which supports their commitment to customer service.

Dave Frazier Director of Finance
Automatic Spring Products

Guided Us Out of a Tough Situation

A former employee recommended Real IT Solutions after a disastrous attempt with a local IT company. Real IT possessed the knowledge to get us out of a tough situation. We now feel we are in good hands and know that a problem will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Amanda Wiley Bayside Inn and Beachway Resort

Back Up and Running

Ryan did a great job. Got me back up and running. Thanks.

Rick Shorey Avalon Labs

Great Communication, Proactive Solutions

I can count on Real IT to respond quickly, arrive on time, and work until the job is complete or the problem is solved. The communication is great - I never have to wonder about the status of a job. I also appreciate that they are proactive in offering solutions and services that will directly benefit NorthPointe while keeping my budget in mind. The implementation of our Intel Modular Server with VMware vSphere by Real IT Solutions, Inc. has met or exceeded all expectations and the administration, staff, students and support personnel are happy with the significant decrease in downtime. With the addition of RealCare, I don’t have to worry about my system’s stability or reliability because I know the folks at Real IT are on top of it.

Nicole Crawford Northpointe Christian Schools

Very Helpful

I had a specific problem to solve, and Matt was very helpful walking me through the steps and handling the technology part himself. Thank you!

Jack Gordon WebRecon LLC

Amazing Knowledge and Skill

Matt and Adam, Wow. We just wanted to say thank you for helping us yesterday. We have received 12 orders since 6 pm because you guys fixed it when [other vendor] would be just getting started right now. Thanks to both of you for dropping what you were working on and rushing out here. It was amazing to see the knowledge and skill that you used when you got here. It was a pleasure as well to work through the issues with you both.

Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.

Help When Needed!

I love Matt! He is here to help whenever we need him.

Allie Merrick Reserve Wine Bar

Great Job!

Thanks for all the help your team does for us. Ryan always does a great job and works well with all of us.

Rob Spearing Grand Rapids Motorcar

Right Price, Right Deliverable

We liked their approach. It’s the right price for the right deliverable. We get immediate support.

Dana Froumis Olivier-VanDyk

They Come Through

We are a small private school, covering two campuses, over 600 students that service 50 staff/faculty workstations (both PC and MAC), 4 student computer labs each with 30 computers. When the school year started, we found ourselves buried under an excess of system changes, user requests, troubles and issues as a result of our recent upgrade to Windows 2008 servers. Matt and Adam came in and were able to resolve our outstanding issues and provide high quality ongoing support. They've helped us with such a wide variety of tasks in the areas of: Wireless Networking, Active Directory, Group Policy, Terminal Services, Windows Server 2008 with Virtual Servers using Hyper-V, printers & copiers, login scripts, Apple Mac/Microsoft integration, Wide Area Networking, and creating a backup routines. You name it, they come through with what was asked. We've found them to be extremely competent, experienced, arrive on-time, within budget, honest and hard-working. They do an excellent job of prioritizing issues and communicating with our staff. I highly recommend Real IT Solutions!

Karl Maaser Northpointe Christian Schools

Always Responsive

Real IT has always responded to our needs and in a professional and timely manner.

Craig Hardy Silver Street, Inc.

Great Problem Solving!

We really appreciate your quick response to our calls. In a small office "downtime" can really be a problem and you have kept that minimal. Your problem solving is great!

Carol Relph, Robert B. Relph Law Offices

Custom Tailored Solution for Us

Real IT solutions has been a massive help in integrating our server structure into our small business with odd needs. They have helped us seamlessly integrate our Apple and PC computers and servers into a custom tailored solution for us. They have also gone above and beyond helping us integrate some very unique needs for the Audio/Video industry with a custom designed live mobile SANS server.

Joshua Maichele StageWorks/AudioSpace

They Cut Our IT Budget in Half

As our part-time IT Director, Real It Solutions has taken over the direction of our IT staff, cut the budget in half and implemented several new programs to increase employee productivity. We’ve been very impressed with the improvements Real IT has made to our IT department and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Ken Pickart Fisher Development

Provides Answers, Big and Small!

The guys at Real IT came in and installed a Microsoft Small Business Server to upgrade our peer-to-peer network. They made the switch in the evening and everything went very well. They are always available to answer our questions: big or small. We have been using them as our computer support professionals for over two years now and will continue to do so.

Dave Kahle The DaCo Corporation

Averted Disaster!

We are so impressed with the responsiveness, knowledge and service we got from Real IT! Not only did they step into a near-disastrous situation and clean it up promptly, they are so passionate about what they do, it shows on their faces! We have been looking for an amazing company to serve all of our IT needs and have found them!

Leigh Louzon Terra Firma Management, Inc.

Deciphers Non-Tech Language

Adam was able to decifer my non-tech language into something he could understand. Through the use of screen captures and Adam's skills we resolved my problem. Thanks again Adam.

Stephen Walker Automatic Spring Products

Passion For Their Services

Adam and Matt really love their jobs, I can tell they have a passion for their services. Real IT Solutions really offer all we are looking for!

Pat DeShaw Automatic Spring Products Corp.

We Trust Them

I would absolutely recommend Real IT Solutions because our systems work when they should, and how they should. Our IT systems have moved out of an area of worry for us and have become a part of our overall business operation. We have been taken care of in every way and we trust them.

Jim Peterson SNA Sports Group

Strong Cyber Security Measures

The response times are quick, and the fix is often achieved on the very first try. We really appreciate the strong cyber security measures to protect our business. We have developed a mutually trusting relationship based on the demonstrated competence of Real IT.

Steve Moreland Automatic Springs Products Corporation

Taken The Load Off Our Company’s Shoulders

It is a great feeling to no longer have to worry about working on our IT ourselves. It was always such a burden and headache to everyone in the company. Switching to Real IT took the weight off all of us. We recently integrated the phone system to Cytracom and this has been really helpful. The system has cut down on unnecessary calls. You have taken the load off our company’s shoulders and it has been worth every penny.

Angels Brown Total Tooling Concepts

Having Them As A Partner Gives Me Great Peace Of Mind

Adam Peterson, Matt Kahle, and the amazing team at Real IT Solutions have been great IT partners for my business.  We needed strategic planning, technical leadership and a smart team of people who know our business.  They have stepped in and filled any gaps we have had in our IT department.

They’ve helped us with: onboarding new employees, extensive system documentation, enterprise IT management tools, disaster prevention and recovery, and they have even taken over supervision of our internship program.  They are flexible in tailoring their services to our needs.  Having them as a partner gives me great peace of mind and I’m happy to recommend Real IT Solutions to anyone looking for a strategic IT partner.

Marc Hop CFO, Allied Finishing

I am glad to have a managed service vendor that saves us money and time!

A client-centric IT partner, Real IT Solutions, Inc is focused on providing optimal solutions for the client, allowing them to flawlessly execute their business processes on time. Their excellent ticketing process, combined with their constant updates, ensures an efficient and hassle-free workflow.

Craig VanderHeide Altus Industries

It is always a relief to work with a team that is both knowledgeable and efficient. The Real IT team is just that. They have been able to handle any issue, no matter how big or small, with professionalism and expertise.

Their commitment to follow up and keeping clients updated sets them apart from other companies. They are masters at what they do, and they keep me updated on the status of my ticket.

As a client, I feel confident that they will stay ahead of the curve and keep your business up-to-date with the latest technology.

Veterinary Health Center Charles Roggenbeck Veterinary Health Center

I would HIGHLY recommend this IT group to anyone! The Best in town!

Our practice has been with them for many years. I can say without a doubt, they are the best in town! Their attention to detail, their knowledge with making conservative decisions that are best for your business, and their overall customer service is outstanding! Every and anytime that I call or email them, they respond immediately and are always willing to go above and beyond to help with whatever we may need. The management and staff are a very unique, genuine group that you can tell work together and support each other immensely.

I would HIGHLY recommend this IT group to anyone! They are truly an outstanding company and have continued to deliver superior service!

Jill Schultz, RDH Practice Manager
Eisin Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Quick to Respond

They always stay on top of things, and are there when we need them!  They are quick to respond to our requests or any problems that arise. They are also extremely accountable - they would never blame an issue on another vendor or "point fingers" to prove who or what caused an issue - they own the situation and solve our problems!  

They have a friendly, professional team that has never let us down.  They are truly like having an in-house IT team.

As a business owner, I can rest comfortably knowing my business data is as safe as possible from cyber attacks and that we have a plan to get up and running as fast as possible if such an event were to occur.

Dr. Lynn Happel, DVM and Owner Eastown Veterinary Clinic
Grand Rapids, MI

We Couldn’t Do This Job Without You

I want to commend you for the great work that you do. Nicole and I have said many times that we couldn't do this job without you. Today I was moving the firewall at the elementary--a simple job--mounting it on the wall in preparation for the fiber install. I shut it down, mounted it, reconnected the two ethernet cables and power and it wouldn't boot. I'll spare all the gory details from the 10 minutes following that until I called the office. Amber created a ticket but I didn't have long to talk.

Within about 5 minutes, Brian called me to check in and see if there was anything he could do to help. We talked through the symptoms, and he offered to come take a look. He was on campus within 15 minutes, was able to connect to the console, diagnose the problem as being corrupt firmware and promptly took care of it.

I've always thought highly of Brian since starting to work with him, but this kind of service is above and beyond. That's just one example in a long list of times that you have save our bacon. I always recommend Real IT to others in my position, not because of a contest, but because your work is worth recommending.

Brian Dentler Technology Integration Specialist
NorthPointe Christian Schools

Real IT Has Become An Essential Partner

What I like most about Real IT is that they are extremely knowledgeable about our business IT needs and proactively anticipates our future needs. This allows our team to focus on our business instead of dealing with IT issues. Real IT has become an essential partner in helping us implement new technologies. They deliver a “wow” experience by continuing to do what they have always done for us; provide fast, efficient, and effective solutions to any IT issues that we face. Even when the issues are found to be outside of our business, Real IT has provided guidance and knowledge to help us get to a quick solution.

Mark Jackson Mor Electric Heating Associates Inc.

I Know Who To Go To For All My IT Needs Now!

The biggest difference I have noticed has been the speed of which items are resolved. There is always someone on the other side every time we need something. I know who to go to for all my IT needs now!

Daya Coda Intex Technologies LLC

Co-Managed Services lightyears ahead

Partnering with Real IT Solutions has saved us time and money! Spectrum was looking at updating/upgrading a bunch of different tools around the same time as debating on if they wanted to hire another IT person. Real IT let us do both. The software offered by Real IT as part of the Co-Managed service is lightyears ahead of what we were using before and we're able to call on the experience of an entire IT team instead of just one other IT pro.

Matt Johnson Spectrum Industries 

Offered Us A Solution That Was Inexpensive Yet Feels Like We Have A Full Time IT Staff

Being a relatively small company, we did not want to add a position for a full time IT person. The expense would be great, and I could not guarantee I would have enough for this person to do. Real IT offered us a solution that was inexpensive yet feels like we have a full time IT staff. They have been fantastic to work with and have really stepped up to help us get our IT backbone to the place it is today. I cannot remember the last time we had any major IT issues.

Jeff Koeper KSB Dubric

Quick, Efficient And Keeps Things Simple

Recommending Real IT Solutions to others is easy. They are quick, efficient and keep things simple for us to understand. Having Real IT’s team on our side, frees up my team to do the work they are passionate about and their IT just works!

Robert Rodriguez Alternative Engineering Inc.

You Feel Like Your Company Is In Good Hands

We now have peace of mind. Less fear of hackers/ ransomware with a professional company monitoring it for us. Doing it ourselves was not working and meant more anxiety. Real IT Solutions is small enough to provide personalized service and quick response, but large enough to help you feel your company is in good hands.

Nate Cornell Tuff Cover

Identifying our security threats and prioritizing our future needs is invaluable.

Corey Kragt Milbocker & Sons

Knowledge And Experience To Handle Any Issue

Real IT has the knowledge and experience to handle any issue that arises in a timely and professional manner. 3 location moves in 5 years! You guys got us thru each with no issues. You guys are the best! We really appreciate all of you; we couldn’t do what we do without your support and guidance.

Shelia Coolsen Etherton Enterprises

The Services You Offer Are So Easy To Use

The services you offer are so easy to use it is fantastic. The ability to send an email to the helpline and receive a response in short order is very helpful. I also appreciate the guidance Matt and Adam provide. It is always tailored to our needs, rather than simply a default bullet proof option that may be a bit more costly than is currently reasonable.

Billy Roddy Axis Automation

Problems Get Troubleshooted And Resolved Very Efficiently And Quickly

Our problems with IT get troubleshooted and resolved very efficiently and quickly. Real IT Solutions has done a great job supporting DLN with all our needs. It has been a pleasure working with their team!

Chris Losee DLN Integrated Systems

Incredibly Quick Response Time

Real IT Solutions stands out with their incredibly quick response to the Covid shutdown. There was no hesitation to offer free remote access tools when we were forced to work from home. Some companies would have seen this as a way to take advantage of the situation by forcing us to purchase the software to make this possible.

Jeff Rietman Total Tooling Concepts