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RealCare™ IT Department

Eliminate downtime and unpredictable costs with our exclusive service contract. Our plan combines real time monitoring of your devices and networks with malware prevention, advanced recovery solutions, seven (and counting) layers of security, and more!


RealCare™ Network Security

How secure is YOUR network? Is your IT environment reliable and compliant with your industry’s regulations? Is your data encrypted and safe from prying eyes? Are your users fully trained in security best practices? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to just one of those questions, we need to talk.


Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Businesses of any size can suffer man made or natural disasters at any time. How prepared are you to face the worst? Even a relatively short period of downtime can result in damage to your reputation and a huge drop in productivity and profit.

Hi, my name is Matt Kahle, President and Co-Owner of Real IT Solutions. Together with Adam Peterson (VP & Co-Owner), we bring a tremendous diversity of skills and expertise to our customers. When working in corporate America, one of our jobs was to find consistent, high quality vendors. Over and over again, we found that it was difficult to find and retain good vendors.

This breadth of business and technical experience have led us to create a solution that saves you money, streamlines your processes, improves customer service, and reduces or eliminates downtime. We’ll give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your technology is no longer going to hold you back, but instead helping you succeed.

We have the experience you can trust to ensure your critical business systems are managed, protected, updated, and future-proofed.

Dedicated to your peace of mind,
Matt Kahle & Adam Peterson

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Commitment to Customer Service

The single biggest benefit to Automatic Spring Products in having "Real IT" as our partner, is that I do not have to worry about IT Network Security or Network Reliability. They handle the increasing complexity of Network Security and Reliability and allow me to focus on supporting the business in other ways.

Real IT is focused on customer service and it is as if they are part of the ASPC organization. Our employees know them well and feel comfortable approaching them with any issues they have. They also capture metrics to measure performance, which supports their commitment to customer service.

Dave Frazier,
Director of Finance
Automatic Spring Products

..An amazing experience from start to finish

For smaller companies who may not have the resources to hire a full time IT employee (or who couldn’t keep a full time IT employee person busy), Real IT’s business model is for you. I can’t express how happy I am that our company finally decided to make the switch to Real IT. As a whole, our company’s IT infrastructure is more secure (backups, virus protection and real time monitoring), runs faster, and we have immediate access to Real IT for questions, concerns, and computer issues. The transition to using Real IT was so seamless and easy. They did everything in the background and I didn’t need have to worry about a thing. I find myself wishing our company made the change 10 years ago as it would have saved me many, many headaches and late evenings. The staff at Real IT are top notch IT professionals.

Jon Couturier,
Dubric Industries

As if it were their own

Real IT has been consistently responsive. They have a remarkably effective remote presence but don’t hesitate to come on-site when necessary. They anticipate problems and have designed strategies for us to address them. Bottom line: Real IT really treats the IT aspect of our business with the same level of care and attention as if it were their own. With Real IT just an email or phone call away now we’ve saved many hours of down time and frustration.

Dave Gersten,
Lead Engineer
Media Technologies

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What if I told you your fast-growing manufacturing company could have:

  • A CIO as a part of your Strategic Planning Team
  • An IT Manager to act as a liaison between your company and your automation and MRP software companies
  • Unlimited Remote Helpdesk Support
  • On Demand Onsite Support
  • Best in Class Disaster prevention and recovery
  • 7 layers of malware, data breach, antivirus, and security protection

…For just a fraction of the cost of staffing in house, and for one FLAT rate per month?

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Matt Kahle, our President and Founder, and Adam Peterson, our Owner, are IT consultants with real industry experience and expertise. Along with the rest of the Real IT Solutions, Inc. team they excel in delivering technology services, solutions and support that help small and medium-sized businesses throughout Michigan face their organizational challenges head on.

Whether you need help with a technical computer or network issue or want to completely turn anything IT related over to a team of experts, Real IT Solutions, Inc. is the right choice. With over 40 years of combined IT experience and a staff of certified network support professionals, we can provide your business with IT solutions to keep you riding the waves of innovation and growth.