Finally, IT Services Developed Specifically For Delivering Real Results To Fast Growing Manufacturers

What if I told you your fast-growing manufacturing company could have:

  • A CIO as a part of your Strategic Planning Team
  • An IT Manager to act as a liaison between your company and your automation and MRP software companies
  • Unlimited Remote Helpdesk Support
  • On Demand Onsite Support
  • Best in Class Disaster prevention and recovery
  • 7 layers of malware, data breach, antivirus, and security protection

…For just a fraction of the cost of staffing in house, and for one FLAT rate per month?

You can have it with RealCare™

What specific results does RealCare™ deliver?

  • Save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars every year by making sure you buy the right products and services the first time.
  • Facilitate your compliance with and attain Quality Standards (ISO, SQF, etc.)
  • Eliminate your unplanned/unbudgeted tech costs by AT LEAST 50%, while simultaneously increasing uptime and network availability.
  • Peace of mind that your computer, network, and automation systems are being managed and maintained so your team can focus on your core competencies to drive business growth.
  • Keep Automation Networks functioning at peak performance to deliver you reliable, meaningful data.
  • Save thousands of lost man-hours every year from employees working on systems that that do not function properly.

Why Real IT Solutions?

  • 85-90% of our customers are in Small Manufacturing. (Check with Matt for the current exact figure)
  • Over a decade of working on production schedules, shop floors, and facilities gives us a unique insight into your business.
  • We're able to leverage best practices and make recommendations across our customer base without divulging priveledged information or trade secrets.
  • Our 50+ years of combined experience.
  • Our toolset and service offering is specifically designed for manufacturers to provide uptime, reliability, and recoverability.

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